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Location based messaging done right

Your smartphones knows where you are and the networks you are connected to. GeoHangout optimally leverages this information to discover groups and people around you. You can then share content with those groups and people, in realtime.

Your groups can be public or private and unlike other location based messaging systems, you stay in absolute control of what groups of people see your content.



Stay connected

Stay connected with everyone you meet!

How many times have you missed out on connecting with people you meet because of privacy issues? Even if you aren't really concerned about handing out your phone number or email address to a stranger, there must have been times when you decided not to do it because of how inconvenient connecting and staying in touch is.

And if even that has never been a problem for you, consider this — once you have shared permanent contact information with someone, how do you disconnect with them afterwards if that's what you want to do?

GeoHangout solves these issues with one simple and smart idea. You shouldn't have to share permanent contact details with people just to stay in touch!

GeoHangout lets you connect, stay connected, and disconnect with people you meet without hassles!



Privacy first

A social messaging platform that puts your privacy first

“If you are not being charged for a product, then you are the product”

Many social communication platfoms take this to the extreme by making you give up your rights to your own content, or by tracking you incessently in order to serve you ads.

GeoHangout is built around the idea of privacy. Not only will the app not ask you for any private information, there is no need to share any private information with anyone else either in order to be able to connect with them.

There is no tracking and no ads. We go to great lengths to stay out of your way when you are trying to connect with others!



Easy messaging

The easiest way to share text and content with others around you!

Whether you are at a concert and wanted to share some pictures with people you meet there, or you are at a talk and want to fetch the presentation slides shared by the presenter, Geohangout will provide the fastest and the easiest way of accomplishing that goal.

Go ahead and sign up for our beta trial to experience the GeoHangout advantage yourself!